Subcompacts Have Become Quite Plentiful

- February 19, 2013

The choice of sub­com­pact cars on the mar­ket has nev­er been bet­ter. – in num­ber as well as qual­i­ty, reli­a­bil­i­ty, safe­ty, equip­ment and more.

Find out why deal­ers enjoy show­ing them off.

Gas mileage isn’t bad either, even if it doesn’t match some of the paper-thin Hon­das and Geos of a few decades ago–which didn’t have to meet today’s much tougher safe­ty stan­dards.

But if you’re in the mar­ket for a sub­com­pact, which should you go for?

Is a shiny new sub­com­pact fresh on the mar­ket any bet­ter than some of the cars that have roamed the roads for a few years now?

The Hon­da Fit, for exam­ple, has been on sale in large­ly the same for­mat since the 2009 mod­el year. The Mazda2 launched in 2011, as did the Ford Fies­ta.

Toyota’s Yaris, Nissan’s Ver­sa , Chevy’s Son­ic and Hyundai’s Accent were all 2012 cars, while newest to the mar­ket is the 2013 Nis­san Ver­sa Note hatch­back.

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