Who Will Win Range Anxiety Debate – Tesla Motors or New York Times?


The lat­est in the elec­tric vehi­cle “range anx­i­ety” squab­ble could be land­ing more on the side of Tes­la Motors not long after a New York Times arti­cle stat­ing that the mileage range was much less than what had been stat­ed by Tes­la. Times writer John Broder attempt­ed to dri­ve a Tes­la Mod­el S from Wash­ing­ton, DC to Boston using Tesla’s new Super­Charg­er net­work of fast-charg­ing sta­tions. He didn’t make it all the way and didn’t enjoy the dri­ve, either.

Tes­la CEO Elon Musk post­ed com­ments on Twit­ter, call­ing the arti­cle “fake.” He said that Broder didn’t ful­ly recharge the bat­tery pack and took a “long detour” he hadn’t writ­ten about. Tes­la had access to the data logs onboard the Mod­el S that Broder was dri­ving and found a few details… there were nine sep­a­rate points where the data logs con­tra­dict Broder’s pub­lished claims; cruise con­trol wasn’t set at 54 mph as the writer claimed – he was going 65 to 81 miles per hour dur­ing that time; Broder’s time at the Super­Charg­er sta­tion was 47 min­utes and not 58 and the addi­tion­al 11 min­utes could have deliv­ered enough range for the rest of his jour­ney. The bat­tle con­tin­ued for sev­er­al days between the news­pa­per and the elec­tric car com­pa­ny. We’ll have to see if it affects con­sumer opin­ion and pur­chase vol­ume.



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