Why You Should Close Your Back Parts Counter

By Bob Atwood

To increase shop pro­fi­cien­cy, con­sid­er clos­ing your back parts counter. Your ser­vice depart­ment just might turn more clock hours.

There are many ways to gauge ser­vice depart­ment per­for­mance. We advise mea­sur­ing tech­ni­cian pro­fi­cien­cy, which is defined as hours pro­duced divid­ed by hours avail­able.

NADA’s guide­line for tech­ni­cian pro­fi­cien­cy is 120 per­cent, but that’s typ­i­cal­ly not achiev­able because of war­ran­ty work. A score of 100 per­cent is sus­tain­able day after day.

If you’re not meet­ing NADA guide­lines, there could be sev­er­al dif­fer­ent rea­sons:

  • Your ser­vice advi­sors may not be sell­ing all the avail­able hours.
  • Your mar­ket­ing may not bring in enough busi­ness.
  • The parts depart­ment may not have all the parts the techs need.
  • Your techs may be wast­ing time pick­ing up parts at the parts counter.

You know what hap­pens when a tech­ni­cian walks up to the parts counter — lots of small talk. Small talk low­ers shop pro­fi­cien­cy.

I would love to close the back parts counter and put an inter­com or a com­put­er in every tech’s bay. If a tech needs a part, he sim­ply push­es a but­ton or touch­es the screen, and a parts run­ner brings him the part. Deliv­er­ing parts to the tech­ni­cian keeps him in the bay, where he is pro­duc­tive.

Some deal­er­ships actu­al­ly have counter peo­ple embed­ded in the ser­vice depart­ment, where they work with eight or 10 tech­ni­cians at a time. The techs stay right where they are, and they stay pro­duc­tive.

Instruc­tor Bob Atwood, who teach­es Fixed Oper­a­tions II, Ser­vice, in week 2 of 6 in the NADA Acad­e­my pro­gram, can be reached at [email protected]. Ordown­load the appli­ca­tion and sched­ule at NADAuniversity.com by select­ing the Acad­e­my sec­tion on the home page.

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