2013 Buick Encore Fits Geneva “Everyman” Theme, But How Will it Do in the US?

Buick Encore 2013

The 83rd annu­al Gene­va Inter­na­tion­al Motor Show, which opened last week and runs through March 17, has its share of clas­sic cars like the Rolls-Royce Phan­tom and Mer­cedes-Benz E-Class Long Wheel Base for rich peo­ple who pre­fer to be dri­ven. It’s a more demo­c­ra­t­ic year for the Gene­va show, which was reflect­ed in the eight final­ists for the pres­ti­gious Euro­pean Car of the Year award. Not one of the cars is con­sid­ered . The only US-based car­mak­er to make the eight final­ists was Ford for its com­pact B-Max peo­ple hauler. It’s small­er and rounder than the C-Max cur­rent­ly on sale in the US. It will come to the US as a peo­ple-hauler ver­sion of its suc­cess­ful com­mer­cial wag­on, the Tran­sit Con­nect.

U.S.-based man­u­fac­tur­er GM also had sig­nif­i­cant pres­ence at the Gene­va Motor Show. Buick and Chevro­let prod­ucts fit the “every­man” mar­ket­ing cat­e­gories, and would have been appro­pri­ate for the Euro­pean Car of the Year nom­i­nee sta­tus. One of these is the 2013 Buick Encore all-wheel dri­ve com­pact wag­on. It sells for $29,690 in the US. It might do bet­ter in anoth­er mar­ket such as Chi­na. The inte­ri­or spac­ing would not be com­fort­able for four adults, espe­cial­ly if haul­ing lots of stuff. The four-cylin­der, gaso­line-fueled Encore gets 138 horse­pow­er, 148 pound-feet of torque. Amer­i­cans are used to wag­ons such as this one as long-trip, high­way vehi­cles, and this one doesn’t seem to meet that expec­ta­tion. It is gift­ed in telem­at­ics with onboard info­tain­ment and emer­gency com­mu­ni­ca­tions. These tech­nolo­gies are show­ing up at the Gene­va show in cars of all price ranges, becom­ing the norm for cars being mar­ket­ed glob­al­ly.



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