CPO Sales Continue Hitting Records – So Why Is that?

Cer­ti­fied pre-owned vehi­cle sales are still increas­ing in sales vol­ume, accord­ing to Auto­da­ta Corp. For the first two months of the year, CPO sales have climbed near­ly 10% from a year ago. It was the best Feb­ru­ary ever for CPO sales and strongest dai­ly sell­ing rate ever, fol­low­ing behind the best Jan­u­ary ever; and 2012 had been the best year ever.

So the ques­tion is – how did this hap­pen? CPO vehi­cles cost about $1,000 or more than their used non-CPO coun­ter­parts. Why would peo­ple pay more?

OEMs are now ded­i­cat­ed to estab­lish­ing CPO pro­grams and all that they entail – inspec­tion points, extend­ed war­ran­ty cov­er­age, con­di­tion report­ing, and mak­ing them look near­ly new inside and out.
Work­ing with deal­ers on mar­ket­ing pro­grams in nation­wide cam­paigns, local media, and inter­net mar­ket­ing.
Empha­siz­ing pre­vi­ous­ly owned lux­u­ry cars, full-size cars, SUVs, and crossovers. CPO buy­ers are gen­er­al­ly going to be high­er income and want a clean, less expen­sive ver­sion of their favorite make and mod­el.



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