Used Vehicle Sale FICO Scores

Retail Automotive Summary - February 25, 2013

Article Summary
  • Used vehi­cle loans through deal­ers below pre­vi­ous bench­mark of FICO 670 has gone up from about 27% in Jan­u­ary 2010 to near­ly 45% in late 2012
  • Aver­age FICO score was about 620 in Jan­u­ary 2011 and dropped to 580 in Jan­u­ary 2013
  • Fran­chised and inde­pen­dent deal­ers have been doing much bet­ter than pri­vate par­ty in used vehi­cle sales late­ly, and avail­abil­i­ty of low­er FICO score loans is help­ing that trend
Significance of the Data


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