Best Car Incentives and Pricing from TrueCar

PR Newswire - April 2, 2013 pin­points exact­ly what con­sumers were look­ing for in March, and how best car incen­tives and pric­ing com­pared between 2013 and 2012.

Get the trans­ac­tion prices and best car incen­tives for major automak­ers. esti­mat­ed today that the aver­age trans­ac­tion price for light vehi­cles in the Unit­ed States was $31,087 in March 2013, up $339 (1.1 per­cent) from March 2012; and up $129 (0.4 per­cent) from Feb­ru­ary 2013.

“Man­u­fac­tur­ers con­tin­ue to ben­e­fit from con­sumers’ insa­tiable appetite for high­ly con­tent­ed new vehi­cles, as shown by aver­age trans­ac­tion prices exceed­ing $31,000 in March,” said Jesse Toprak, senior ana­lyst for True­Car. “Cou­pled with flat incen­tives spend­ing and high­er vol­ume, near-record trans­ac­tion prices her­ald pos­i­tive earn­ings news for the indus­try.

In addi­tion, True­Car esti­mat­ed that the aver­age incen­tive for light vehi­cles was $2,523 in March 2013, down $44 (-1.7 per­cent) from March 2012; and essen­tial­ly unchanged from Feb­ru­ary 2013.

True­Car esti­mat­ed the ratio of incen­tives to aver­age trans­ac­tion price for light vehi­cles was 8.1 per­cent in March, down from 8.3 per­cent in March 2012 and down from 8.2 per­cent in Feb­ru­ary 2013.



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