CRSfleet Offers Solutions to Age-Old Personal Use Problem

While it may be an age-old prob­lem for fleet man­agers, deal­ing with dri­vers’ per­son­al use con­tin­ues to be a cost­ly issue. Many com­pa­nies absorb the cost of per­son­al use. Accord­ing to a CRS­fleet while paper, “Armed with an under­stand­ing of cost and com­pli­ance issues, as well as the tech­nol­o­gy to address these prob­lems, fleets can gain vis­i­bil­i­ty into per­son­al use and appro­pri­ate­ly realign their pro­grams.” Here are a few high­lights from the white paper:

The Expense of Per­son­al Use:  Accord­ing to CRS­fleet, the aver­age cost of per­son­al use is much high­er than an indus­try stan­dard – CRS­fleet esti­mates it to be more than $230 per month per vehi­cle – which means com­pa­nies may be los­ing as much as $2,800 per vehi­cle each year in fore­gone charge­backs.

Expo­sure to Audit:  To be com­pli­ant with IRS rules, dri­vers must accu­rate­ly track and report mileage, and com­pa­nies must cal­cu­late the tax­able ben­e­fit or recov­er the val­ue of per­son­al use of a com­pa­ny-pro­vid­ed vehi­cle. The IRS has recent­ly announced this will be an area of spe­cial focus in 2013.

Accu­rate Report­ing and Mea­sure­ment Recoups Per­son­al Use Costs:  With the intro­duc­tion of CRS­fleet, com­pa­nies can accu­rate­ly record per­son­al use miles, dri­ve cost recov­ery and auto­mate com­pli­ance — all with­out the intru­sive aspects and pri­va­cy con­cerns of in-vehi­cle, active GPS.

Cal­cu­lat­ing Cor­rect Costs:  The com­pa­ny says that its mobile solu­tions accu­rate­ly mea­sure the exact com­mute, busi­ness, and per­son­al miles and auto­mat­i­cal­ly cal­cu­late the cor­rect amount to charge for per­son­al use. Charge­back cal­cu­la­tions are based on indi­vid­ual dri­ver usage, fuel prices in the driver’s ter­ri­to­ry and the lease cost asso­ci­at­ed with the vehi­cle.

IRS Com­pli­ance:  CRS­fleet auto­mat­i­cal­ly dif­fer­en­ti­ates com­mute, per­son­al and busi­ness miles and accu­rate­ly accounts for each of them based on IRS require­ments. From there, the com­pa­ny cre­ates dai­ly, IRS-com­pli­ant mileage logs, and retains the records for sev­en years.

Increased Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and Effi­cien­cy:  CRS­fleet also pro­vides valu­able insights into how vehi­cles are used in the field, lead­ing to route opti­miza­tion, increased dri­ver pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, fuel and time effi­cien­cy, desired dri­ver behav­ior, and cost sav­ings.

CRSfleet’s mobile soft­ware-as-a-ser­vice solu­tions enable clients to bet­ter man­age fleet costs, ensure IRS com­pli­ance, adhere to IRS approved com­mute deduc­tion guide­lines (avail­able on, and increase vis­i­bil­i­ty into vehi­cle use in the field.




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