Four Effective Methods for Connecting with Customers During CPO Sales


Con­sumers are doing 11.5 hours of research online when they’re buy­ing or sell­ing cars. Trans­paren­cy is king, and you have to “toss cheesy deal­er speak or VIN explo­sion” to not have the researcher click past you, s.

As for effec­tive­ly mar­ket­ing CPOs, Min­er says there are four meth­ods to keep in mind for get­ting the best ROI…

1. Get spe­cif­ic with them about why the vehi­cle will fit their needs. This will vary depend­ing on who you’re talk­ing to – fam­i­ly buy­er, lux­u­ry buy­er, etc. Fam­i­ly buy­ers will be much more inter­est­ed in safe­ty fea­tures and stor­age capac­i­ty than lux­u­ry buy­ers will be.
2. Lim­it their risk – walk them through avail­able resources like Car­fax 1-Own­er and how a CPO pro­gram min­i­mizes their risk.
3. Give them evi­dence that you’re offer­ing a more afford­able true val­ue. Are you low­er than KBB or NADA’s sug­gest­ed retail price. Show them the num­bers.
4. Get into the details about why your deal­er­ship is what it is. What’s spe­cial about the car and its tires, recent per­for­mance checks, main­te­nance ser­vices offered, etc.



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