Hybrid Vehicles 2012: Sales Were Up 40 Percent

- April 22, 2013

The growth in hybrid vehi­cles 2012 sales indi­cate grow­ing buy­er inter­est, accord­ing to Exper­ian Auto­mo­tive, though still a small per­cent­age of cars sold.

The Exper­ian Auto­mo­tive study indi­cates who is buy­ing a hybrid.

Just how pop­u­lar are hybrid cars? 40 per­cent more in 2012 than in 2011, accord­ing to the lat­est study from Exper­ian Auto­mo­tive.

In fact, a lit­tle more than that–40.9 per­cent to be pre­cise, with over­all mar­ket share increas­ing from 2.2 per­cent to 3.1 per­cent in a sin­gle year.

It’s a stark indi­ca­tion of the hybrid car’s relent­less trans­for­ma­tion from eco-themed curios­i­ty to main­stream car choice. It also reflects just how well the aver­age hybrid assim­i­lates into an owner’s life, requir­ing no day-to-day com­pro­mise while it goes about sav­ing them mon­ey on gas.

Toy­ota has been par­tic­u­lar­ly adept at exploit­ing this mar­ket, hav­ing recent­ly sold its 5 mil­lionth hybrid vehi­cle world­wide. It’s seen the Prius, once dis­missed as a toy for celebri­ties want­i­ng to appear green, become California’s high­est-sell­ing vehi­cle.

Exper­ian does reveal that total hybrid num­bers still make up lit­tle over 1 per­cent of all the vehi­cles on U.S. roads, but it’s a num­ber increas­ing fur­ther every year.

Some of the company’s oth­er num­bers make for inter­est­ing read­ing.

For exam­ple, the gen­der split is fair­ly even, if slight­ly in favor of women–53 per­cent of adults who live in a hybrid house­hold are female.

It’s a young mar­ket too, with 25–34 year olds per­haps more eco-con­cious than their parents–this age group is 16 per­cent more like­ly to live in a house­hold that owns or leas­es a hybrid.

Experian’s cred­it infor­ma­tion has also turned up some inter­est­ing num­bers. Con­sumers pur­chas­ing a hybrid vehi­cle tend to have a bet­ter cred­it score than buy­ers of oth­er vehicles–790 next to a nation­al aver­age of 755.

Per­haps unsur­pris­ing­ly, Toyota’s Prius tops the list of hybrid vehi­cles bought on finance in 2012, and it took 37.2 per­cent of the hybrid mar­ket. Cam­ry, Prius V and Prius C fol­lowed, while the Chevy Volt and even Nis­san Leaf appear on Experian’s list.



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