Improved Fuel Efficiency for Automakers in 2013

Green Car Reports - April 4, 2013

Improved fuel effi­cien­cy for vehi­cles on U.S. roads appears to be a con­sis­tent trend, with March being no excep­tion, but there is a long way to go.

Find out how 2013 fuel econ­o­my com­pares to 2007 fig­ures.

If you’re used to dri­ving around in a Prius then aver­age miles per gal­lon of 24.6 will sound a lit­tle poor in com­par­i­son.

But that’s the aver­age econ­o­my of all cars, light trucks, mini­vans and SUVs pur­chased in the U.S. in March–and it’s an all-time high.

24.6 mpg is 0.2 mpg high­er than Jan­u­ary and February’s revised fig­ures, both the pre­vi­ous record hold­ers. Ris­ing aver­age fuel econ­o­my is a con­sis­tent trend at the moment, with sev­er­al months last year also set­ting records.

The most recent fig­ures are 4.5 mpg high­er than those of Octo­ber 2007, the first month that Uni­ver­si­ty of Michigan’s Trans­porta­tion Research Insti­tute (UMTRI) start­ed record­ing data.

That year’s aver­age was just 20.8 mpg, which rose to 23.5 mpg over­all in 2012.



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