Luxury Cars List Lexus 3rd – for Now

- April 7, 2013

Dethroned by BMW and Mer­cedes as the U.S. lux­u­ry sales leader, Lexus aims to get back on top of the lux­u­ry cars list with lat­est mod­els.

Find out what buy­er group Lexus intends to reach.

Lexus, dethroned by BMW and Mer­cedes as the U.S. lux­u­ry sales leader, aims to remake itself with mod­els more like per­for­mance cars and less like fam­i­ly cars, lead­ing to a new IS sport sedan intend­ed to lure entry-lev­el dri­vers who would oth­er­wise buy Ger­man.

Lexus has the old­est aver­age cus­tomer of the three lead­ing lux­u­ry brands in the U.S., accord­ing to Strate­gic Vision, which annu­al­ly sur­veys tens of thou­sands of car shop­pers. The aver­age Lexus buy­er is 61, com­pared with 54 for Mer­cedes and 49 for BMW.

The cur­rent IS draws buy­ers with an aver­age age of 50, mak­ing it par­tic­u­lar­ly crit­i­cal for the com­pa­ny, Edwards said.

Along with attract­ing first-time lux­u­ry buy­ers with the revamped IS, Lexus wants to con­vert dri­vers of oth­er brands. “IS is a con­quest vehi­cle for Lexus, bring­ing in peo­ple who’ve owned BMW and Mer­cedes,” he said. By com­par­i­son, the ES sedan, the top-sell­ing Lexus car, is bought main­ly by dri­vers who’ve owned an ES pre­vi­ous­ly.






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