Study Says US Can Save $25M per Day Reducing Idling in Commercial Fleets

Fleetmatics - April 22, 2013

Fleet­mat­ics Group says that reduc­ing idling time on the US com­mer­cial vehi­cles could con­sid­er­ably low­er fuel con­sump­tion and save com­mer­cial fleets up to $25 mil­lion per day. Data from Fleet­mat­ics’ research of more than 331,000 sub­scriber vehi­cles shows that vehi­cles oper­at­ing with­out a fleet man­age­ment solu­tion may idle 96 min­utes dai­ly. Fleet own­ers may reduce vehi­cle idle time by 25% on aver­age, by imple­ment­ing a GPS fleet track­ing solu­tion.



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