What CPO Shoppers Are Looking for in Service History and Warranty Coverage

of what to look for in cer­ti­fied pre-owned vehi­cles. You can expect a lot of these car shop­pers to do so – many CPO cus­tomers in the ear­ly days were lux­u­ry car own­ers who were very demand­ing for what they were will­ing pay. These days, CPO shop­pers are still typ­i­cal­ly well edu­cat­ed about their options in lux­u­ry and oth­er seg­ments.

In this dis­play of used vehi­cles that have been refur­bished and cleaned up, show­ing evi­dence of ser­vice and main­te­nance are required. Here’s some of the inspec­tion points empha­sized by Cars.com that apply to ser­vice lanes….

  • They’re advised to see the cer­ti­fi­ca­tion check­list to make sure all the major com­po­nents have been inspect­ed.
  • They’re advised to see a vehi­cle repair and main­te­nance his­to­ry report; that could be a lit­tle tricky if the own­er didn’t keep these records and they didn’t vis­it your deal­er­ship for tune ups. A report from Car­fax can help here, such as through the MyCar­fax ser­vice his­to­ry report.
  • War­ran­ty ser­vice and repair cov­er­age can be a del­i­cate issue if it’s close to end­ing. It needs to be clear and in writ­ing for the car shop­per to review. They’ll prob­a­bly be look­ing at the fine print to see if there are lim­i­ta­tions on the cov­er­age such that it’s only cov­er­ing the pow­er­train.
  • Some war­ranties will be trans­fer­able to the cus­tomer and some won’t be. They may be inter­est­ed in more com­pre­hen­sive, bumper-to-bumper cov­er­age or extend­ed war­ran­ty cov­er­age. Be clear with the cus­tomer about the age and war­ran­ty lim­its on the car. They may be close to hit­ting the mileage bar­ri­er and will need to make a well-informed deci­sion about their options it they choose to buy the car.


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