What is the Yin Yang of Social Media Marketing?

By Kathi Kruse

Noth­ing in the uni­verse is total­ly Yin or total­ly Yang. Yin con­tains seeds of Yang and vice ver­sa. Too much of one can weak­en and con­sume the oth­er. Your Social mar­ket­ing ener­gy should be spent on mak­ing sure you have a nice bal­ance of Yin Yang.

Here are 4 exam­ples of a Yin Yang imbal­ance in your Social Media mar­ket­ing and what you can do about it:

1. Broad­cast­ing.
Shout­ing mes­sages about your products/services rep­re­sents too much male prin­ci­ple. Add a strat­e­gy of engage­ment and con­cen­trate on build­ing rela­tion­ships with your con­tent. Evok­ing emo­tions is the key to suc­cess­ful mar­ket­ing. Prac­tice active lis­ten­ing and fos­ter mutu­al under­stand­ing.

2. No Con­tent Strat­e­gy.

Post­ing unin­ter­est­ing or non-strate­gic con­tent with no focus on your brand is too much female prin­ci­ple. Add con­scious cre­ativ­i­ty – design and exe­cute a con­tent strat­e­gy that increas­es engage­ment, leads and sales.

3. Tools, Tech­nol­o­gy and Algo­rithms.
Believe it or not, there are those who spend hours in tiny rooms focus­ing on these three com­po­nents of Social Media mar­ket­ing and believe they are mar­ket­ing. Of course, these ele­ments are cru­cial to any mar­ket­ing endeav­or but where’s the human-ness? Every sale begins with a con­ver­sa­tion. If you’re not par­tic­i­pat­ing in con­ver­sa­tions, you’re not sell­ing.

4. No ROI.
Social Media is more than just post­ing Face­book updates, tweets and blog posts. You must have clear objec­tives and take time to mea­sure your results. When you can tie your results back to your objec­tives, you have return on invest­ment. Con­tent with no direc­tion = too much female. Spend­ing the bulk of your time on tools and tech­nol­o­gy = too much male.

In work, life and Social Media, imbal­ance caus­es dis-ease. Your body tells you when you’re out of bal­ance by sig­nal­ing pain or dis­com­fort. Your cus­tomers tell you your mar­ket­ing is out of bal­ance by choos­ing your com­peti­tor. Spend time get­ting right with Yin-Yang. It’s a proven sys­tem that’s thou­sands of years old. Every­thing old is new again.

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