Car Shippers Can Make or Break Independent Sales

By the AIN Media Edi­to­r­i­al Team at NIADA

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What You Did:

You spent a half a day on the Inter­net and the phone look­ing for a car for one your best cus­tomers.  You final­ly found the exact car the cus­tomer want­ed two states away. Now you got to get the car to your lot ASAP.  So here’s where select­ing the right ship­per will make all your work pay­off or have the whole deal fall apart.

So Why Find­ing the Right Ship­per:

Even as the sup­ply of used vehi­cle ready to imme­di­ate sales on the front line, every day more inde­pen­dent deal­ers are buy­ing and sell­ing used vehi­cles out­side of the local mar­ket.  Get­ting these cars to where you want them when you want them means deal­ers must select com­pa­nies who are indus­try lead­ers.

Should Price Deter­mine Which Ship­per?

Does price mean sac­ri­fice? Does this mean that your sales man­age­ment must find and employ the best and bright­est logis­tic dis­patch­ers, com­pa­ny lead­er­ship, main­te­nance call cen­ter and trained com­mu­ni­ca­tion teams. Or does access to call cen­ters staffed by peo­ple who know what inde­pen­dents need and can imme­di­ate­ly deliv­er high lev­els of ser­vice are need­ed to assure Inde­pen­dent own­ers that a car pur­chased out of town or the state is going to be deliv­ered on time and with­out dam­age?

Two Actions That Mat­ter:

1. Check out our spe­cial AIN video report to see what hap­pened at NIADA.

2. Call 866–395-1105 or go to to bet­ter under­stand why you should select the lead­ing com­pa­ny for mov­ing cars to and from your deal­er­ship.



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