Effect of Chrysler Dispute with NHTSA Prompts Report

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The bat­tle over whether to recall mil­lions of old­er Jeep SUVs, rec­om­mend­ed by the NHTSA prompts GenSent Insights report on con­sumer influ­ence.

Find out what GenSent Insights reports on the gen­er­al con­sumer effect.

The bat­tle over whether to recall mil­lions of old­er Jeep SUVs, as rec­om­mend­ed by the Nation­al High­way Traf­fic and Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion (“NHTSA”), had a lim­it­ed effect on Chrysler’s online image accord­ing to GenSent Insights. Despite the sever­i­ty of the claims by the NHTSA inves­ti­ga­tion that the fuel tanks could rup­ture, leak and cause fires in rear end crash­es, online con­ver­sa­tions regard­ing the issue were short lived.

Chrysler’s Sen­ti­ment Score, a mea­sure of the tone sur­round­ing a brand on a scale rang­ing from -100 to +100, dropped from an aver­age of +51 pri­or to the NHTSA request for the recall to -37 by June 5, the day after the announce­ment. How­ev­er, with­in three days of the ini­tial media storm, the Sen­ti­ment Score had risen to a +41 and online men­tions returned to nor­mal lev­els. For the next ten days, sen­ti­ment remained pos­i­tive at a fair­ly con­sis­tent lev­el.

The announce­ment of a com­pro­mise between the gov­ern­ment and Chrysler on June 18, 2013 to lim­it the recall to approx­i­mate­ly 1.5 mil­lion vehi­cles, caused the Sen­ti­ment Score to plum­met once again from +42 to -36 in just one day. After a week with no fur­ther news, the Sen­ti­ment Score reached +48, just a few points shy of the pre-recall lev­els.

“The crit­i­cism by Jeep own­ers and safe­ty experts over the ini­tial refusal by Chrysler to com­ply with the NHTSA rec­om­men­da­tion and the sub­se­quent com­pro­mise to lim­it the recall had a tem­po­rary effect on Chrysler and Jeep’s brand image” accord­ing to Don Damore, Pres­i­dent of GenSent Insights. “Chrysler’s deci­sion not to com­ment on the recall helped to con­fine the neg­a­tive con­ver­sa­tions to a lim­it­ed time frame and mit­i­gat­ed the dam­age to its brand image.”

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