Ford Reports June Sales up Double-Digit on Cars, Utes

Ford Motor Co. June sales were up 14 per­cent ver­sus a year ago with cars and util­i­ties post­ing the largest gains, and trucks also post­ing increas­es over May.

Get the facts and fig­ures on a great month of June for Ford.

Ford’s June sales totaled 194,114, up 14 per­cent ver­sus a year ago. Cars and util­i­ties post­ed the largest gains, while trucks also post­ed increas­es, rebound­ing from May.

“Strong demand for Ford’s fuel-effi­cient cars and crossovers con­tin­ues, and we now are see­ing truck buy­ers return to the mar­ket with sig­nif­i­cant appetite for our fuel-effi­cient V6 engines,” said Ken Czubay, Ford vice pres­i­dent, U.S. Mar­ket­ing, Sales and Ser­vice.

Ford’s two all-new small cars com­bined for 26,920 sales in June, up 66 per­cent ver­sus a year ago. Fies­ta sales were 5,535, and Focus sales were 21,385, up 41 per­cent ver­sus a year ago. The Fies­ta and Focus are the fastest-turn­ing mod­els in Ford deal­er show­rooms.

The Ford Fusion mid­size car now has post­ed six straight month­ly sales records. In June, Fusion sales totaled 20,808, up 13 per­cent ver­sus a year ago. In the first six months of 2011, Fusion sales were 131,686, up 18 per­cent from the first-half record set last year.

Lin­coln sales were up 17 per­cent com­pared with a year ago, paced by high­er sales for the Lin­coln MKZ (up 31 per­cent) and Lin­coln MKS (up 18 per­cent) sedans, as well as the Lin­coln MKX crossover (up 36 per­cent).

Explor­er sales totaled 10,422, up 56 per­cent ver­sus a year ago. Retail sales for the new Explor­er were up 259 per­cent. In the first six months of 2011, Explor­er sales totaled 65,823, sur­pass­ing last year’s full-year sales total of 60,687. Explor­er has class-lead­ing high­way fuel econ­o­my of 25 mpg.

Escape sales totaled 22,274, up 43 per­cent. Year-to-date, Escape sales totaled 122,607, up 24 per­cent from the first-half record set last year. Edge sales totaled 9,663, up 18 per­cent. Ford is the top-sell­ing brand of util­i­ties in the U.S., with first-half sales total­ing 280,875, up 25 per­cent ver­sus a year ago.

Ford truck sales increased across the line­up in June, with F-Series (up 7 per­cent), Ranger (up 18 per­cent), Tran­sit Con­nect (up 40 per­cent) and Econo­line (up 4 per­cent). Tran­sit Con­nect sales were 2,992 – the sec­ond high­est sales month ever.

Ford’s F-Series truck remained the best-sell­ing vehi­cle in the U.S. with June sales of 49,618.



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