Preventive Maintenance Producing Strong Results for Fleets, Study Says

Fleet man­agers, espe­cial­ly those with back­grounds in fleet main­te­nance, know the val­ue of pre­ven­tive main­te­nance (PM) – though it can be easy to deem­pha­size as more man­age­ment respon­si­bil­i­ties are being added. Fleets with man­aged PM poli­cies and pro­grams are gain­ing tan­gi­ble, valu­able results, says Bill Jones, Direc­tor, PHH Prod­uct Man­age­ment.

PHH Arval has done a three-year study on PM that tracked fleets which accu­mu­lat­ed mil­lions of miles of dri­ving, had about 130,000 repair trans­ac­tions, and at least 20% trucks in their vehi­cle line­ups. Here are some of the key find­ings…

1. Fleets with PM pro­grams are see­ing 20% less down­time (based on days per ser­vice repair) than fleets not using PM pro­grams.
2. They’re see­ing few­er vehi­cles to repair by pre-empt­ing poten­tial issues, and this also leads to greater dri­ver pro­duc­tiv­i­ty.
3. They’re expe­ri­enc­ing few­er break­downs and dis­rup­tions to busi­ness.
4. Month­ly cost sta­bil­i­ty – the right PM pro­grams means that PM costs can be planned for, unlike unex­pect­ed break­downs.

PM requires real­is­tic sched­ul­ing and data report­ing based on what each fleet needs. Ser­vice and deliv­ery fleets require more fre­quent PM appoint­ments than oth­er types of fleet oper­a­tions. Some of these fleets using work trucks may need to build DOT inspec­tions into the process.

For every fleet, PM allows for being more sys­tem­at­ic with dri­vers to make sure they’re being com­pli­ant with com­pa­ny pol­i­cy, Jones said. PHH Vehi­cle Main­te­nance Assis­tance Pro­gram offers clients ser­vices to enhance PM sched­ul­ing, includ­ing auto­mat­ed email noti­fi­ca­tions when it’s time to show up for appoint­ments.

Fleet man­agers appre­ci­ate that hav­ing the right PM pro­gram in place means hav­ing con­sis­tent pat­terns in month­ly costs. “It’s like an insur­ance pro­gram,” Jones said.

Click here to read PHH Arval’s blog post on its PM study.



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