Service Marketing Targeted to Individual Customers

New tech­nol­o­gy and mar­ket­ing ser­vice providers are bring­ing more options to deal­er ser­vice depart­ments. Tim Bowles of Minacs Mar­ket­ing Solu­tions looked at the avail­able data and how it fits into pre­dic­tive mod­el­ing for smart ROI.

Cus­tomer life­cy­cle com­mu­ni­ca­tions is now pos­si­ble based on the indi­vid­ual customer’s needs, and it’s mak­ing ser­vice mar­ket­ing plans more tar­get­ed to indi­vid­u­als. Fre­quen­cy, for­mat, tone and offers vary depend­ing on what the avail­able data dic­tates.

Data sources used include:
Vehi­cle infor­ma­tion: pur­chase type, mod­el, mod­el year, engine, recall if applic­a­ble, and real time mileage.
Own­er his­to­ry: past ser­vices per­formed, appoint­ment sched­ul­ing, geo­graph­ic dri­ving con­di­tions, road­side assis­tance usage, telem­at­ics usage, and sur­vey results.
Demo­graph­ic and psy­cho­graph­ic data: age, gen­der, inter­ests, and buy­ing pat­terns.

Pre­dic­tive mod­el­ing for ser­vice depart­ments on mar­ket­ing spend can be enhanced look­ing at the poten­tial of data. There’s four things to look at for set­ting up an auto­mat­ed plat­form that makes it easy for deal­ers to “set it and for­get it” deal­ing with cus­tomized cam­paigns for indi­vid­ual cus­tomers.
1. Deter­mine for­mat based on a com­bi­na­tion of cus­tomers pref­er­ence and test­ed for­mats.
2. Fre­quen­cy is based on where the cus­tomer is in the own­er­ship life­cy­cle includ­ing vehi­cle own­er­ship type, mileage, time, and sched­uled mile­stones.
3. Shape your mes­sag­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tion style based on cus­tomer pref­er­ence, his­to­ry, behav­iors, demo­graph­ics, and oth­er fac­tors.
4. When the cus­tomers opens your email mes­sage, a cook­ie can be placed on their com­put­er with the cor­re­spond­ing dis­play ad.

When the data is com­bined and ana­lyzed, it can lead to com­mu­ni­ca­tions unique to each cus­tomer and a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to estab­lish a one-to-one rela­tion­ship.



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