8 Steps for Succeeding in Employee EV Charging Stations

Standardization of Charging Stations

As Google and oth­er employ­ers are dis­cov­er­ing, elec­tric vehi­cle charg­ing sta­tions have become an attrac­tive employ­ee reten­tion tool. Google sees them as a key perk for keep­ing skilled tech­nol­o­gists on their pay­roll and not los­ing them to a near­by tech com­pa­ny in Sil­i­con Val­ley.

In its guide for employ­ers inter­est­ed in set­ting up work­place charg­ing sta­tions, the
1. Sur­vey employ­ees on their inter­est in a work­place-charg­ing pro­gram.
2. Dis­cuss find­ings and EV charg­ing needs amongst employ­ees and company’s deci­sion-mak­ers.
3. Exam­ine dif­fer­ent types of EV charg­ing equip­ment options and com­pare the ben­e­fits and costs (Lev­el 1, Lev­el 2, and fast charg­ing).
4. Deter­mine who will own the EV charg­ing equip­ment – employ­er, park­ing lot own­er, or third par­ty.
5. Look for any exist­ing incen­tives that might be avail­able for work­place EV charg­ing.
6. Cre­ate a com­pa­ny pol­i­cy on work­place charg­ing.
7. Con­tract with a cer­ti­fied elec­tri­cian to deter­mine ide­al loca­tions, com­ply with local per­mit­ting, and install the equip­ment.
8. Install sig­nage and alert employ­ees.



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