NHTSA Gives Tesla’s Model S its Highest-Ever Safety Score

Wow, Tes­la Motors is hav­ing a great year! The mak­er of the lux­u­ry Mod­el S elec­tric car just took the high­est score ever in the Nation­al Traf­fic Safe­ty Administration’s crash test rat­ing. Tak­ing the five-star rat­ing score across the board has been accom­plished by oth­er vehi­cles, but Tesla’s Mod­el S has tak­en the high­est rag­ing in indi­vid­ual cat­e­gories than any oth­er vehi­cle – and that includes larg­er SUVs and mini­vans.

NHTSA looks at frontal impact, side impact, side pole impact, and a rollover risk test. The rollover test explores how like­ly the vehi­cle is to rollover while dri­ving through avoid­ance maneu­vers. The way the Mod­el S has been designed helps – frontal impact is aid­ed by the lack of an engine block up from. This allows more room for frontal impact absorp­tion.

Aside from see­ing its stock prices sky­rock­et and com­pa­ny CEO Elon Musk get loads of atten­tion launch­ing his Hyper­loop ultra-fast rail con­cept, it’s been a great year for rat­ings and reviews. Con­sumer Reports says the Mod­el S has been one of the best cars it’s ever test­ed, and that joins up nice­ly with NHTSA’s safest-ever rat­ing.



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