Dataium Infographic Shows Dealers How their Online Traffic is Performing

For deal­ers inter­est­ed in what’s hap­pen­ing with their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strate­gies…. Dataium has just launched a new bench­mark­ing report – Online Auto­mo­tive Traf­fic Bench­marks – which looks at how deal­er web­sites per­formed start­ing with sta­tis­tics from Sep­tem­ber 2013.

This report helps deal­er­ships gain insight into web­site trends across the nation and also see how their web­site stacks up. Addi­tion­al­ly, it also pro­vides indus­try watch­ers with a snap­shot of web­site trends.

Key web­site traf­fic data is pre­sent­ed – num­ber of vis­i­tors, search­es, and pages viewed; and how many vehi­cles viewed and how it breaks out by new and pre-owned. The traf­fic data is sourced from deal­er web­sites in the Dataium net­work.

Lead gen­er­a­tion is also pre­sent­ed – per­cent­age of vis­i­tors that sub­mit­ted a lead form.

As you view this info­graph­ic from Dataium, you’ll see a few very inter­est­ing and sig­nif­i­cant trends affect­ing deal­er dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing…

Vis­i­tor traf­fic on deal­er web­sites was up 9.5% from August 2013.
• The per­cent­age of vis­i­tors who are view­ing pre-owned ver­sus new – 60.1% ver­sus 39.9%. Pre-owned was up slight­ly from August and it illus­trates how vital used vehi­cles are on deal­er lots, espe­cial­ly inter­est in cer­ti­fied pre-owned vehi­cles.
A few of these indi­ca­tors were down from August – pages viewed, times searched, num­ber of vehi­cles viewed, and sub­mit­ted lead. That could be sea­son­al, with con­sumers hav­ing more time in August and get­ting back to work in Sep­tem­ber.
• It’s also a valu­able indi­ca­tor for ana­lyz­ing what changes might need to be test­ed out for future results and hit­ting deal­er tar­gets in dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing.

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