Reaching Millennials is Hot Topic at Roundtable

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Reach­ing mil­len­ni­al con­sumers is a key focus for mar­keters in the auto indus­try, and indus­try experts feel the need to get to know their needs and behav­ior bet­ter.

Find out what the recent J.D. Pow­er Round­table revealed about these con­sumers.

Reach­ing mil­len­ni­al con­sumers is a key focus for mar­keters in the auto indus­try, and was a key top­ic dur­ing pre­sen­ta­tions and pan­el dis­cus­sions at the Octo­ber J.D. Pow­er Auto­mo­tive Mar­ket­ing Round­table in Las Vegas, NV. A few high­lights from a few ses­sions with pan­elists and pre­sen­ters that addressed mil­len­ni­al con­sumers are pre­sent­ed.

“Let’s talk about mil­len­ni­als. They’re the worst. They won’t get cable. They don’t have any mon­ey. They’re enti­tled. They want to do their own thing. They’re a com­plete­ly dig­i­tal first gen­er­a­tion.”—Mike Shields, dig­i­tal edi­tor of AdWeek

“My team at Microsoft—80% of them are millennials—it’s an on-demand envi­ron­ment. They want to con­sume a lot of con­tent at the same time. They can do it bet­ter than any oth­er group. Some 83% are using a sec­ond screen and multi-tasking…You have to make sure you have some­thing there to com­ple­ment what they are con­sum­ing on TV.”—Randy Shaf­fer, direc­tor, Xbox West Sales, Microsoft

“This demo­graph­ic is still evolv­ing. They grew up with media around them. They under­stand when they are being mar­ket­ed to, and if it’s done well, they actu­al­ly enjoy good mar­ket­ing. If ads have val­ue, they like it… They do a lot more research. They lis­ten to their friends a lot more. They are huge on feed­back. They want to see what oth­er expe­ri­ences were. If they like a device or a prod­uct, there’s a very good chance they will get it again.”—Randy Shaf­fer, direc­tor, Xbox West Sales, Microsoft

“Mil­len­ni­als are addict­ed to the phone. If they are more than five feet away from their phone, they get fid­gety. Mil­len­ni­als have grown up in an instant era. If they want some­thing they get it. They go online.”—Clay­ton Stan­field, senior man­ag­er, Deal­er Out­reach, eBay Motors

“If you are a con­tent pro­duc­er, you have to pro­duce for any plat­form so that at launch any­body can con­sume it any­where they are.”—Andrew Bud­kof­sky, exec­u­tive vice pres­i­dent, sales and part­ner­ships, Break Media



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