Donlen Releases Fuel Economy Analysis

Donlen has released analy­sis of fuel econ­o­my to help fleets reduce or con­trol costs. A wide vari­ety of vehi­cle tech­nol­o­gy changes by OEMs result­ed in accel­er­at­ed increas­es in fuel econ­o­my over the last six mod­el years. Donlen’s Strate­gic Con­sul­tants ana­lyzed data by mod­el year for the three-month peri­od of June, July, and August 2013 from their pool of fleet vehi­cles. It’s based on sev­er­al cri­te­ria includ­ing Donlen’s inter­nal vehi­cle seg­ment code, use of the Donlen Fleet Mas­ter­Card® Card for fuel pur­chas­es, and vehi­cles with pur­chased gal­lons asso­ci­at­ed with valid mileage entries.

The final analy­sis also includes key obser­va­tions that can impact a fleet, includ­ing cycling, cost sav­ings, and tech­nol­o­gy. To down­load the PDF, vis­it

“Analy­sis like this is only one way we’re help­ing fleets reduce or con­trol costs,” said Amy Blaine, Donlen’s VP, Con­sult­ing, Ana­lyt­ics, and Sus­tain­abil­i­ty. “After depre­ci­a­tion, fuel is the largest fleet expense. Through analy­sis, the con­sul­tants help dri­ve down cost by assist­ing fleets in find­ing cost effec­tive vehi­cles that meet their appli­ca­tion require­ments. Fleets that are able to move from an SUV to a sedan or an inter­me­di­ate sedan to a com­pact sedan will save on both depre­ci­a­tion as well as fuel expense over the life­cy­cle of the vehi­cle.”



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