Letter from the Editor: Happy Holidays, and a Few Highlights

We hope you’re hav­ing a great hol­i­day sea­son with loved ones. Fleet Man­age­ment Week­ly will go on hia­tus after this issue until the new year begins. As for this week’s issue, here are some high­lights…..

• Fleet man­agers and auto­mo­tive exec­u­tives have been pay­ing a lot of atten­tion to NHTSA admin­is­tra­tor David Strick­land. He’s leav­ing the fed­er­al safe­ty agency and a suc­ces­sor has yet to be named. Strick­land has played a promi­nent role inves­ti­gat­ing the Toy­ota recalls and defin­ing nation­al fuel econ­o­my stan­dards.
• For fleets com­ply­ing with Fed­er­al Motor Car­ri­er Safe­ty Admin­is­tra­tion reg­u­la­tions, new require­ments are approach­ing for elec­tron­ic onboard recorders. GPS track­ing soft­ware can be inte­grat­ed with EOBR to bring much more to fleet man­agers.
• The hol­i­day mantra of “it’s bet­ter to give than to receive” has been one NAFA has believed for quite a while. NAFA’s involve­ment with Habi­tat for Human­i­ty began in 2009 when the Association’s annu­al con­fer­ence was held in New Orleans as the city con­tin­ued to recov­er from Hur­ri­cane Kat­ri­na. On Decem­ber 11, NAFA was rec­og­nized by the Mid-Atlantic Soci­ety of Asso­ci­a­tion Exec­u­tives (MASAE) for the Association’s ongo­ing com­mit­ment to its com­mu­ni­ty and the needs of oth­ers.

Jon LeSage



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