Meals on Wheels Works with PHH Arval to Improve Fleet and Service Delivery

Lead­ers in the Cen­tral Mary­land chap­ter of Meals on Wheels asked PHH Arval to resolve a prob­lem it was fac­ing – cre­at­ing a van with heat­ing and cool­ing ele­ments to ensure prop­er meal deliv­ery to seniors, the dis­abled, and oth­ers that are home-bound and in need – while min­i­miz­ing vehi­cle main­te­nance costs and down­time expens­es. Meals on Wheels’ fleet of makeshift vans had been aging and break­ing down.

PHH respond­ed by gen­er­at­ing a vehi­cle design and lease struc­ture that will enable Meals on Wheels to make more deliv­er­ies more quick­ly with few­er issues. The non-profit’s lead­ers tried the van, loved it, and ordered more. Since ear­ly 2013, the pair has made sig­nif­i­cant progress on opti­mal vehi­cle selec­tion and replace­ment, best prac­tices and cost-sav­ings strate­gies.

Pro­ject­ed vehi­cle main­te­nance costs per mile (per vehi­cle) for the new van pro­to­type is 50% less than the exist­ing aging Meals on Wheels fleet. A team of PHH engi­neers and con­sul­tants have pro­vid­ed Meals on Wheels with expert rec­om­men­da­tions around decreas­ing total cost of own­er­ship, which pro­vides oppor­tu­ni­ties for Meals on Wheels to deliv­er more meals to those in need. The new approach allows Meals on Wheels to replace 20 vans in five years instead of 10 years – and will be able to deliv­er 1,000 more meals a year.



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