News That Helps You Manage Your Dealership

U.S Econ­o­my Unstuck  [LA Times and Wall Street Jour­nal, Thurs­day]

  • The econ­o­my seems to be back on track
  • Four Sig­nif­i­cant Fac­tors
  • Hous­ing sales up 25% in Octo­ber
  • Busi­ness­es are spend­ing mon­ey
  • And Peo­ple are buy­ing cars
  • Some uncer­tain­ty about Fed and Q3

Apple Buy­ing Social Media Com­pa­nies  [Finan­cial Times, Thurs­day]

  • Apple bought Top­sy to get a han­dle on Twit­ter Ana­lyt­ics
  • Data com­pa­nies like Datasift are hot and gain­ing investors
  • This con­tin­ued focus on data man­age­ment will migrate to auto mar­ket­ing even more

GM Unload­ing Ally Shares  [Wall Street Jour­nal, Thurs­day]

  • Sell­ing $900 Mil­lion of Share val­ue [that’s right]
  • Ally has appar­ent­ly cleared up its legal issues
  • Looks like the Fed will sell its 64% share if the com­pa­ny soon
  • Ana­lysts see GM and Ally stock going up in 2014
  • Ally looks more like the old GMAC every day

Super Bowl Ads at $4 M Each [Wall Street Jour­nal, Thurs­day]

  • That’s a 30-sec­ond spot, mind you
  • Adver­tis­ers seem to like the large Super Bowl Audi­ence
  • Net­works will be stream­ing online which adds to reach
  • Ad prices have increased 42% in last 9 years

Adver­tis­ers Track­ing Porn Sites [Finan­cial Times, Thurs­day]

  • Near­ly 900M Inter­net users were tracked by adver­tis­ers
  • Adver­tis­ers gain­ing info on who and how long on each site
  • Con­cern about pri­va­cy is being expressed but that’s it
  • Most porn users do not want oth­er peo­ple to know what they are doing
  • Cred­it card com­pa­nies and soon even auto com­pa­nies are going to buy this data
  • Porn sites have been on the lead­ing edge of tech­nol­o­gy so no sur­prise

How Black was Last Fri­day Any­how? [LA Times and Wall Street Jour­nal, Thurs­day]

  • Appar­ent­ly Black Fri­day week­end sales exceed­ed fore­casts
  • Aver­age sales trans­ac­tion was around $30K
  • Big dis­counts and lots of adver­tis­ing pig­gy-back­ing on Retail Craze
  • Buy­ers pur­chased 1.2 M cars and trucks in Novem­ber
  • Decem­ber is expect­ed to be big, par­tic­u­lar­ly lux­u­ry cars


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