Today’s News in Context — Tuesday, Dec. 10

Heat Maps May Track Prospects in Your Deal­er­ship & Lot – Wall Street Jour­nal

  • Small & large retail­ers track­ing cell phones with small gad­gets
  • As many as 1,000 stores track peo­ple move­ments
  • Using video & secu­ri­ty cam­era to build Flow Charts, Heat Maps
  • Sales man­age­ment mak­ing real time deci­sions with cus­tomer in store
  • Auto deal­ers to grab on to ping, track, & make offers in the show­room

Would You Accept Bit­Coin Cur­ren­cy for New Car Pur­chase? – Los Ange­les Times

  • Cus­tomers using hot new cur­ren­cy in cof­fee shops & online
  • lists the places and com­pa­nies that accept Bit­coin
  • Chal­lenge is that the val­ue of Bit­coin changes dai­ly
  • MSNBC report­ed that a cus­tomer used Bit­coins to by a Tes­la
  • As it catch­es on, auto deal­ers will be deal­ing in Bit­coin soon

Forced Hertz Sale of Advan­tage By FTC Caus­es Bank­rupt­cy – Wall Street Jour­nal

  • FTC Told Hertz to Sell Advan­tage to Make Dol­lar Pur­chase OK
  • Gain­ing Gov’t approval of Dol­lar deal took too long
  • Advan­tage ran out of cash, cars, and cus­tomers
  • Feds appar­ent­ly caused bank­rupt­cy by stalling
  • Also Hertz Fir­ing Sandy Miller, Pres­i­dent of Advan­tage was bad idea
  • Advan­tage bank­rupt­cy sale will bring more rental car to auc­tions 

Stan­ford Research Says Reviews Impact Cus­tomer Deci­sions – New York Times

  • Vol­ume of online reviews caus­ing shift in con­sumer behav­ior
  • Reviews are actu­al­ly under­min­ing adver­tis­ing mes­sages
  • How the prod­uct was pre­sent­ed & com­pared made dif­fer­ence
  • Com­pro­mise effect dis­ap­pears and brands mean less
  • Gath­er­ing cus­tomer data from reviews essen­tial to auto deal­ers

Tex­ting is Now the Cen­ter of Your Uni­verse — Buz­zfeed

  • Every­one is tex­ting includ­ing send­ing pho­tos that dis­ap­pear
  • Tex­ting com­pa­nies seek­ing to upgrade mes­sag­ing
  • New apps are com­ing that will stand alone
  • Rumors that Insta­gram is about offer tex­ting or chat
  • Micro blog­ging sites get­ting to act also
  • Auto deal­ers mak­ing more cre­ative tex­ting to reach cus­tomer

5 -Hour Ener­gy Drink Has 5x Starbuck’s Caf­feine Lev­el – New York Times

  • Don’t give to your kid – Can cause wall punch­ing & parental abuse
  • Coke, Cof­fee, Pep pills –now 111.4 mg of caf­feine in 5-Hour Ener­gy Drink
  • $11B Ener­gy drink mar­ket in 2012
  • Ener­gy drinks have sim­i­lar ingre­di­ents, but some are pre­mi­um priced
  • 5 hour drink has near­ly 5X more caf­feine than Star­bucks cof­fee
  • 25% more caf­feine than Red Bull; 50 x lev­el in coke;



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