Today’s News in Context — Monday, Dec. 16

VW Has Sold Near­ly 9M YTD, includ­ing 500K+ U.S. Sales

  • U.S. Sales down, so have new Direc­tor as of last week
  • Deal­ers psy­ched about Mike Horn, push­ing new SUV
  • Sales increased 47% in Novem­ber or Over 828,000
  • Audi deliv­ered 1.44 M World­wide YTD
  • Porsche sold and deliv­ered over 147,000

Aver­age Fuel Econ­o­my hits 23.6 MPG in 2012 — Los Ange­les Times

  • Fuel econ­o­my increase 7 out of last 8 years
  • New tech­nol­o­gy in engines & sys­tems behind trend
  • Maz­da, Hon­da, & VW had best over­all fuel per­for­mance
  • Ana­lysts say this is a Big Deal that bodes well for future require­ments
  • Deal­ers say that fuel econ­o­my sells cars

NHTSA Head Leav­ing Over Ques­tion­able Rule Mak­ing & Tes­la Fires —

  • Top guy, Strick­land is resign­ing over unre­solved issues
  • Tes­la fire inves­ti­ga­tion & back­up cam­era rule are con­tro­ver­sial
  • Many open cas­es; issues nev­er seem to get resolved
  • Auto Press includ­ing AIN were “on Strickland’s case”

Loss of One Water­shed Case Makes Toy­ota Give Up & Set­tle All Defect Suits — Los Ange­les Times

  • Looks like Toy­ota man­age­ment has tired of non-stop law­suits
  • Wants to resolve pend­ing cas­es, no mat­ter cost or has­sle
  • Claims keep com­ing, ini­ti­at­ed by hunger lawyers & bereaved fam­i­lies
  • Toyota’s name got tar­nished by what has yet to be shown to be a prob­lem
  • Set­tled a class action suit last year over the sup­posed loss of val­ue

French OEMs to “Nuke” Iran­ian Car Mar­ket With Sanc­tions Gone —

  • Renault & Peu­geot are com­ing back into the Iran­ian Mar­ket
  • Recent thaw on the nuclear agree­ment chang­ing the Iran­ian mar­ket
  • Eas­ing sanc­tions will enable the entry of French cars into the Iran­ian mar­ket
  • Esti­mates are that the sanc­tions cost $10M per month loss

Too Many Auto Finance Com­pa­nies Chas­ing Deal­er Deals —

  • Deal­ers cut­ting back on the num­ber of lenders being used
  • Num­ber of lenders cut severe­ly dur­ing the reces­sion
  • Aver­age deal­er now uses 9.5 lenders
  • 70% of orig­i­nat­ed auto loans are with large banks
  • Cred­it Unions are big in some states like Cal­i­for­nia


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