Last Year Down Nearly 1% from 2012 in Value and Retention


Alec Gutier­rez
Senior Mar­ket Ana­lyst, Auto­mo­tive Insights
Kel­ley Blue Book

Auc­tion val­ues dur­ing 2013 fin­ished the year less than 1% low­er, in terms of both dol­lar val­ue and reten­tion, than those seen in 2012. Aver­age auc­tion val­ue reten­tion in 2013 for mod­el years 2012, 2011 and 2010 fin­ished the fourth quar­ter at 57%, which was down from 63% at the start of the year.

Here’s the Lat­est Used Car Blue Book Mar­ket Report

Auc­tion Val­ues Fell $740 or 4.4% on Aver­age in Q4 2013:
That made for a larg­er decline than the pre­vi­ous three quar­ters of 2013.

Top Mod­els for 2013 Retained Auc­tion Val­ue for Sub­com­pact and Com­pact Seg­ments:
Sub­aru Impreza and Hon­da Fit, fol­lowed by Hyundai Veloster and Scion xD.

For Used Car Shop­per Activ­i­ty on in Decem­ber:
Increased for high fuel effi­cien­cy seg­ments w/ hybrids rebound­ing from pre­vi­ous month’s declines.



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