2. Auto Ads During Super Bowl Drove Buyers Online

The Detroit Bureau

Speed Read:

Auto­mo­tive adver­tis­ers on the Super Bowl were quite pleased with their results over­all. Chevy, Chrysler, Jaguar and Maserati all claimed suc­cess for their spots.

Auto­mo­tive adver­tis­ers used a vari­ety of met­rics, includ­ing “cus­tomer engage­ment,” but it seems the real pay­offs were due to adept use of social media.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Maserati ran its first U.S. TV com­mer­cial ever dur­ing game
  • Maserati search­es jumped 208%, says Auto­Trad­er
  • With 1,460% jump for F-Type sports car in Super Bowl ad with Ben Kings­ley
  • Mean­while, Jaguar released its spot ahead of the game
  • Jaguar says spot gen­er­at­ed 7.5M views on YouTube dur­ing five days before the game
  • Men­tions of Jaguar on social media rose 12-fold on the day of the game
  • Chrysler ad w/ Bob Dylan saw 47% boost in search­es, says Auto­Trad­er
  • But Chrysler ad also shows poten­tial pit­falls of late-in-game ads
  • Because many view­ers had already tuned out from the blowout game
  • 30-sec­ond spots said to cost over $3M each


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