5. AutoNation To Do More Big Deals or Not?

Automotive News

Speed Read: 

Mike Jack­son says acqui­si­tion could add $1B to $2B to AutoNation’s rev­enue in 2014.

He said he’s no set­ting a tar­get, but just look­ing for deals that meet pric­ing cri­te­ria.

Drill-Down Details:

  • Auto­Na­tion is def­i­nite­ly look­ing for more deal­er­ships
  • Jack­son acknowl­edges that Auto­Na­tion may buy no deals
  • Com­pa­ny had 31% gain in 4th Quar­ter 2013
  • Bought Hon­da and Hyundai stores in Chi­cago in 4th Q
  • Pur­chased total of 12 deal­er­ships in last year & one half
  • Sit­ting a whop­ping $974M in Cash and cred­it
  • Con­cerned about over­pay­ing for deal­er­ships


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