5. BMW Going Downhill Faster

Speed Read:

Do not pan­ic or sell the fran­chise, BMW has designed the two-man bob­sled for the U.S. Olympic team.

Com­pa­ny is run­ning TV com­mer­cials tout­ing it pride and spon­sor­ship.

Drilling-Down Details:

  • BMW is very proud of the design & boasts about it in com­mer­cials
  • Has designed & appar­ent­ly built six bob­sleds for the team
  • U.S. bob­sled team has not won medal in 78 years
  • BMW is the offi­cial mobil­i­ty part­ner of U.S Olympic com­mit­tee
  • Applied its tech­nol­o­gy & knowl­edge of vehic­u­lar aero­dy­nam­ics
  • Took two years of devel­op­ment by BMW
  • BMW deal­ers will see BMW sales if the U.S Team medals?




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