A Proactive Approach to Fleet Management

Tak­ing a proac­tive approach to fleet man­age­ment means not only mon­i­tor­ing your dri­vers from the office or your mobile device, but also mak­ing sure your dri­vers are aware of their own behav­ior in real-time, allow­ing them to make a change imme­di­ate­ly. This can be achieved with a fleet track­ing solu­tion, like GPS Insight, by cre­at­ing cus­tomized fleet alerts.

Cus­tomiz­ing a GPS track­ing alert to noti­fy your dri­vers is sim­ple. When cre­at­ing a new alert or edit­ing an exist­ing alert, make sure to check the box labeled “noti­fy dri­ver.” You can also include a cus­tom note to be sent with the alert, some­thing like “slow down!” if you are cre­at­ing a speed­ing alert. If a vio­la­tion takes place, your dri­ver will be sent a mes­sage straight to their portable nav­i­ga­tion device or will be noti­fied by text mes­sage.

Take the hands on approach to chang­ing dri­ver behav­ior by send­ing cus­tomized alerts. Instead of ana­lyz­ing what your dri­vers did last month, do some­thing to change their behav­ior now. If you want to learn more about mod­i­fy­ing dri­ver behav­ior through GPS track­ing alerts, CLICK HERE.



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