MPG Boosted with New Smart Maps

Here cur­rent­ly sup­plies the maps to Sca­nia, Daim­ler Trucks and oth­er com­mer­cial truck mak­ers and is adapt­ing its smart, or .

“We’ve made these maps for years,” said Ogi Redz­ic, Here’s vice pres­i­dent of con­nect­ed dri­ving. “Now, cars can take much more data. You’ll see these maps [in light vehi­cles] in the next few years. This is immi­nent.”

Nav­i­ga­tion maps for light vehi­cles already use 3-D illus­tra­tions to rep­re­sent build­ings and oth­er land­marks. But Here’s next-gen­er­a­tion 3-D maps are designed for vehi­cles’ pre­dic­tive cruise con­trol, a sys­tem that adjusts the engine and trans­mis­sion for opti­mum fuel econ­o­my based on the road ahead.

With access to map data about the road’s grade and ele­va­tion — as well as stop­lights, speed lim­its and oth­er fac­tors — the onboard com­put­er could shift gears and speed to oper­ate the car more effi­cient­ly and safe­ly.

If smart maps catch on, the trend could cement Here’s sta­tus as the auto industry’s dom­i­nant nav­i­ga­tion map­mak­er.

Here esti­mates that it pro­vides 85 per­cent of the maps used in vehi­cles world­wide. Like rival Google, the com­pa­ny sends fleets of vehi­cles equipped with lidar, or laser radar sen­sors, to record the twists and turns of every street in North Amer­i­ca.

Now Here has devel­oped the abil­i­ty to cal­cu­late each road’s cur­va­ture and grade. “As lidar gets bet­ter, our maps get more gran­u­lar,” Redz­ic said.




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