Study: High Satisfaction Among Fleet GPS Operators


The 2013–14 Sur­vey of Fleet Oper­a­tor Inter­est in MRM Sys­tems and Ser­vices assess­es fleet oper­a­tor inter­est in GPS fleet man­age­ment, dri­ver behav­ior man­age­ment and GPS-equipped handset/portable solu­tions for man­ag­ing mobile work­ers. The study details the prin­ci­pal moti­va­tions of fleet oper­a­tors for deploy­ing MRM solu­tions and the oper­a­tional and finan­cial ben­e­fits derived from these sys­tems.

The 2013–14 Sur­vey of Fleet Oper­a­tor Inter­est in MRM Sys­tems and Ser­vices was par­tial­ly fund­ed by 14 com­pa­nies, includ­ing major cel­lu­lar car­ri­ers, GPS fleet man­age­ment solu­tion providers, sup­pli­ers of dri­ver behav­ior man­age­ment sys­tems, and oth­er lead­ing telem­at­ics sup­pli­ers to the fleet mar­ket. This com­pre­hen­sive study is based on a tele­phone sur­vey of over 500 U.S. fleet oper­a­tors. Sur­vey par­tic­i­pants were drawn from major fleet cat­e­gories, includ­ing ser­vice, local and over-the-road truck­ing, pri­vate deliv­ery, util­i­ties, con­struc­tion, peo­ple trans­porta­tion, and gov­ern­ment fleets.

The study exam­ines inter­est of fleet oper­a­tors in spe­cif­ic telem­at­ics fea­tures and capa­bil­i­ties, such as mon­i­tor­ing dri­ver per­for­mance, fuel card inte­gra­tion, route opti­miza­tion, sys­tems to mon­i­tor and con­trol cel­lu­lar hand­set use, remote vehi­cle diag­nos­tics, and oth­ers. It com­pares cur­rent use and intent to deploy an MRM solu­tion among fleets rang­ing in size from five vehi­cles to more than 10,000 vehi­cles.

The fol­low­ing are among the key find­ings of the study:

  • Over three-fourths of the fleets that are using a GPS fleet man­age­ment sys­tem report­ed a high lev­el of sat­is­fac­tion with their sys­tem and two-thirds report­ed that they have recouped their invest­ment in the sys­tem.
  • Six­teen per­cent of par­tic­i­pat­ing fleets that have nev­er used a GPS fleet man­age­ment sys­tem expect to deploy a sys­tem in the next 12–18 months.

Detailed infor­ma­tion regard­ing the 2013–14 Sur­vey of Fleet Oper­a­tor Inter­est in MRM Sys­tems and Ser­vices is avail­able at

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