New Amerifleet App Puts Power Of Mobility In The Hands Of Drive Away Customers Everywhere

Amer­i­Fleet recent­ly launched a first-of-its-kind smart­phone App that will put the pow­er of mobil­i­ty — and a host of impres­sive fea­tures — in the hands of cus­tomers look­ing for new ways to do more with less.

The App — which took 3 months from con­cept to launch and was devel­oped by AmeriFleet’s in house tech­nol­o­gy group — is avail­able on both Android phones and iPhones.  Amer­i­Fleet is also plan­ning a Black­ber­ry ver­sion, as it has a large — and grow­ing — slate of cus­tomers in Cana­da that still pre­fer that plat­form.

Accord­ing to Amer­i­Fleet CEO John Nor­ris, the App was devel­oped with direct input and feed­back from some of AmeriFleet’s most valu­able cus­tomers, includ­ing both Fleet Man­agers and Fleet Man­age­ment com­pa­nies. He said the App was some­thing AmeriFleet’s senior man­age­ment team had been con­sid­er­ing for months, but when client feed­back showed it was some­thing cus­tomers were clam­or­ing for, devel­op­ment was pushed in to high gear.

“We’ve been con­duct­ing a series of cus­tomer focus groups over the past few months, and the desire for a smart­phone App — and all the good things that come with it — was read­i­ly appar­ent,” Nor­ris said.

“Just like the rest of cor­po­rate Amer­i­ca, our cus­tomers are being asked to do more with less. If there’s a prod­uct, solu­tion or a tool that we can pro­vide to help them do that, we’re going to do our best to find it,” said Nor­ris as he and Chief Tech­nol­o­gy Offi­cer Rich Pin­nock fin­ished up a call overview­ing the new App for a group of Amer­i­Fleet cus­tomers. “And, if we can’t find it, we’re going to cre­ate it our­selves because we’re anx­ious to do what­ev­er it takes to pro­vide a world class cus­tomer expe­ri­ence, and we think this App is one of the best ways we can do that.”

The App — a first for the dri­ve away indus­try — was designed to put the pow­er of mobil­i­ty lit­er­al­ly at the fin­ger­tips of indus­try pro­fes­sion­als look­ing for new ways to effec­tive­ly man­age far flung fleets and mount­ing requests to do more with less. Its pri­ma­ry fea­ture — a vehi­cle sta­tus and track­ing capa­bil­i­ty — allows users to quick­ly — and eas­i­ly — check the sta­tus of any vehi­cle they’re mov­ing with Amer­i­Fleet. Mean­while, the “InstaQuote” fea­ture lets cus­tomers get a quote and book ser­vice on the fly — wher­ev­er they find them­selves with a mobile phone and a few min­utes.

Thus far, the App has been well received by cus­tomers who’ve beta test­ed it, and great­ly antic­i­pat­ed by those who will soon be using it on a dai­ly basis.

In addi­tion to the track­ing and “Instaquote” func­tions, the App has sev­er­al addi­tion­al fea­tures Fleet indus­try pro­fes­sion­als have sug­gest­ed dur­ing inter­views and focus groups, as well as a few that cus­tomers hadn’t even thought of

Accord­ing to Nor­ris, the biggest ben­e­fit his team hopes to pro­vide with break­through solu­tions like new App is a world class tech­nol­o­gy expe­ri­ence. The same kind of expe­ri­ence that AmeriFleet’s cus­tomers enjoy in their every day con­sumer lives.

“We know that when it comes to tech­nol­o­gy, we’re not being mea­sured against our com­pe­ti­tion, we’re being mea­sured against the same rich media providers that pop­u­late the con­sumer world,” said Pin­nock. “Because of that, our App has to be robust, it has to be easy to use, and it has to pro­vide a world class expe­ri­ence or it won’t make our customer’s lives eas­i­er. That’s what we were going for, an expe­ri­ence that helps them do their jobs bet­ter, and makes their lives eas­i­er.”

Pin­nock says that besides the host of break­through feature’s, his team’s biggest focus was on cre­at­ing an App that was sim­ple and easy for cus­tomers to use. One that was designed to inte­grate seam­less­ly with AmeriFleet’s new account ser­vice pro­to­cols and its new­ly-mint­ed “Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence Center’s, which focus­es the pow­er and know-how of AmeriFleet’s vast resources in a way that helps each cus­tomer achieve its own spe­cif­ic set of goals and objec­tives.

“Obvi­ous­ly we’re excit­ed about what the new App means for our cus­tomers,” said SVP of Cus­tomer and Mar­ket Expe­ri­ences, Steve Gib­son (cor­rect title?). “Because when it gets right down to it, mak­ing customer’s lives eas­i­er is the cor­ner­stone of pro­vid­ing a world class cus­tomer expe­ri­ence, and that’s what Amer­i­Fleet is all about.”




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