Some Things are “Going North” at South by Southwest 2014

Speed Read:

If you are not mon­i­tor­ing and tak­ing in all the ‘stuff” from this evolv­ing show­case for tech­nol­o­gy and its appli­ca­tion, our edi­tors sug­gest you do so hence.

This year in Austin, the events, devices, apps and ideas were every­where & lead­ing us to the cut­ting edge.

What’s Hap­pen­ing in Austin:

  • Tech is at the cen­ter of the new glob­al econ­o­my
  • Soft­ware is “eat­ing the world” & you too
  • EVERY com­pa­ny is a tech com­pa­ny, and that includes your deal­er­ship
  • Next big ideas, brain-bog­gling ses­sions & push­ing of the cut­ting edge
  • The Cloud and Robot­ics, togeth­er, doing all sorts of tasks
  • Cloud is con­nect­ing robots & robots con­nect­ing with each oth­er
  • Robots are about to become bet­ter human com­pan­ions
  • UC Berke­ley is lead­ing the exper­i­men­ta­tion & devel­op­ment
  • Yes- Self dri­ving cars were present and talked about
  • Ses­sions on Body Com­put­ing and future of food pro­cess­ing
  • Encryp­tion is com­ing & adver­tis­ers freaked by con­sumer reac­tion
  • Pri­va­cy phones are com­ing in the next few weeks
  • The pol­i­tics of Bit­coin got talked, debat­ed, and mys­ti­fied
  • The guy who made a gun using 3-D print­ing was there, too
  • Adobe scored with it “pen & ruler” sty­lus for the iPad – a big hit


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