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Consumers Gain Another Tool to Find the Right Used Car

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Car­fax has launched anoth­er online car shop­ping tool with a cre­ative Car­fax ad cam­paign.

New ads unveil Car­fax Used Car List­ings designed to help find the right used car with the right his­to­ry.

What this New Tool for Con­sumers does for deal­ers:

  • Essen­tial­ly, Car­fax is help­ing the con­sumer to zero in on a car in deal­er inven­to­ry
  • Now used car shop­pers can use that same his­to­ry infor­ma­tion to find cars with no acci­dents report­ed
  • Con­sumers can start their search­ing for used cars using vehi­cle his­to­ry at
  • The Car Fox is back and is fea­tured as the spokesper­son in the ads with more to come
  • New ad cam­paign high­lights VHS\ infor­ma­tion for used car shop­pers
  • Y&R cre­at­ed the ads and visu­al effects came from Acad­e­my Award Win­ner, Frame­work
  • The first ads are part of ‘Show me the Car­fax’ cam­paign begin air­ing in ear­ly April
  • Ads are on the company’s Face­book page &  the Car­fax chan­nel on YouTube

 Scott Fred­er­icks, VP Car­fax puts this inno­va­tion into per­spec­tive:

“Our new used car list­ings make find­ing the right car with the his­to­ry that’s right for you.

Online car shop­pers get lost in a maze of web­sites, ban­ner ads and lead forms, Our new used car list­ings make find­ing the right car with the his­to­ry that’s right for you eas­i­er. Shop­pers can quick­ly nar­row their search and con­nect with a local deal­er.”

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