Identify Drivers Who Pad Hours with GPS Tracking

One of the ben­e­fits of GPS fleet track­ing soft­ware is that it can help iden­ti­fy dri­vers that pad hours or make unneed­ed stops through­out the day. It may not always seem like a big deal if dri­vers make an extra stop here and there, but when it hap­pens con­sis­tent­ly, it can take a hit to your bot­tom line. It’s your right to know if dri­vers are work­ing when they say they are and if they are wast­ing com­pa­ny fuel per­form­ing per­son­al errands.

With an advanced fleet track­ing solu­tion, like GPS Insight, only pay employ­ees for actu­al time worked by elim­i­nat­ing fal­si­fied time sheets. By view­ing reports, you can see the dri­ve time of every vehi­cle in your fleet, includ­ing every stop, to deter­mine hours worked. Mon­i­tor route effi­cien­cy reports to ana­lyze if dri­vers are tak­ing the quick­est routes to job­sites. This is not only a way for dri­vers to pad a few extra hours a week, it also increas­es fuel costs.

It may not seem like a big deal when a dri­ver takes a small detour every now and then, but it becomes a much big­ger prob­lem when you real­ize it is caus­ing your busi­ness to lose mon­ey. to learn more about how GPS fleet track­ing soft­ware can reduce unnec­es­sary labor and fuel costs.



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