Strong Upward Momentum in Auction Values Met Expectations


Alec Gutier­rez
Senior Ana­lyst
Kel­ley Blue Book

Auc­tion val­ues rose sharply in March 2014, mov­ing up 1.4% per­cent or $260. That moved up the aver­age auc­tion prices to $18,230 in March – high­er than was pre­vi­ous­ly seen in 2013 and 2012. Strong upward momen­tum was expect­ed, as val­ues typ­i­cal­ly fol­low a strong sea­son­al pat­tern; how­ev­er some lux­u­ry seg­ments haven’t seen price increas­es in the past cou­ple of months.

View the Blue Book Mar­ket Report – March 2014

Com­pact Car Seg­ment Out­per­formed Every Oth­er Seg­ment on YOY Basis:
Up 4.2% since Jan­u­ary, with MY 2011–13 Toy­ota Corol­la out­per­form­ing seg­ment.

Low Fuel Prices Have Kept Alt-Fuel and Hybrid Vehi­cles Low Per­form­ing in Seg­ment:
This includes Toy­ota Prius, Lexus CT, Ford C-MAX Hybrid, Chevro­let Volt, and Nis­san Leaf.

Val­ues for 1- to 3-Year-Old Full-Size Pick­ups Shift­ed and Increased at End of Q1:
Val­ues up 1.16% month-to-month, and 1.31% year-over-year com­pared to March 2013.



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