Hendrick Creates its First Onsite Auction Lane with Manheim

Manheim - May 6, 2014

Hen­drick Auto­mo­tive Group has tak­en a dis­tinct posi­tion with remar­ket­ing part­ner Man­heim – an onsite auc­tion lane in Charleston, SC. This is the first onsite auc­tion lane cre­at­ed by the deal­er net­work; in a one-lane, new­ly retro­fit­ted oper­a­tion at the dealership’s facil­i­ty in Charleston. It takes whole­sale trade-ins from Hendrick’s 11 Charleston-area deal­er­ships for sale. Ser­vices are being used that make it sim­i­lar to a Man­heim lane includ­ing Simul­cast, an auc­tion­eer and auc­tion block, and Man­heim employ­ees. Four sales have been held since the open­ing on March 11.



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