Move Over, Ford, Toyota, Daimler – Tesla Most Important Car Company?

Here’s a provocative thought: In two years, “Tesla Motors has transformed [itself] from fledgling start-up to arguably the most important car company in the world.”  That’s from Adam Jonas, a Morgan Stanley analyst. He felt compelled to add, however, that “We are not joking.”

In his report in the Los Angeles Times, he spelled out his reasons:

  • Suppliers are taking Tesla very seriously, and considering dedicated lines and facilities
  • Automakers are emulating Tesla: Jonas says that GM has a “Team Tesla” and a BMW engineer told him that Tesla has reinvigorated the spirit of innovation there.
  • Five states are vying to land Tesla’s proposed $5 billion battery “gigafactory,” needed to power the ten-fold or more jump in production that Tesla is projecting in the next five years.
  • Tesla is the “most” American car with U.S. content of nearly 90%.

There is mixed opinion on whether Tesla’s move to open its patent portfolio will help or hurt the company’s chances to become a major automotive maker. Some argue that it will give a leg up to its competitors, while others say that it broaden the market.

So far, we don’t know of any large fleets that have included Tesla, but recently Tesla has begum offering business leases. Cost is about $500 after another $500 in savings estimated by Tesla, in fuel and taxes.



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