Lease Residuals Trail Actual Prices

With leas­ing con­tin­u­ing to gain momen­tum, CNW Research com­pared the con­tract resid­ual val­ue pro­jec­tion with the like­ly actu­al val­ue at the end of term.

CNW firm ana­lysts found that last month’s indus­try aver­age set­tled at 85.88 per­cent — a fig­ure rep­re­sent­ing the dif­fer­ence between the actu­al con­tract and the even­tu­al actu­al sale price. That aver­age has been on a steady rise since the begin­ning of the year when CNW pegged it at 84.65 per­cent back in Jan­u­ary.

Of the six automak­ers includ­ed in the lat­est report, three brands had their lev­el come in above the aver­age mark, and three oth­er badges set­tle below it.

The trio that jumped above the aver­age includ­ed:

♦ Ford: 86.79 per­cent
♦ Chrysler: 86.70 per­cent
♦ Hon­da: 86.01 per­cent

The three brands that fell below the aver­age were:

♦ Toy­ota: 85.76 per­cent
♦ Nis­san: 85.13 per­cent
♦ Gen­er­al Motors: 81.52 per­cent

While the oth­er five OEMs have either held steady or ticked up slight­ly since the begin­ning of the year, GM’s read­ing has declined dur­ing six of the past sev­en months. GM start­ed the year at 83.59 per­cent, accord­ing to CNW.

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