Fuel Saving Tips for Car Shoppers Not Wanting a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

Gaso­line prices aren’t expect­ed to shoot up any time soon, but they’re com­par­a­tive­ly high enough for car shop­pers to always be look­ing for fuel effi­cien­cy. Gas prices can put a hole in your wal­let, unless you have a high mileage hybrid or an elec­tric vehi­cle (EV) that takes no gas at all. For those not inter­est­ed in hybrids or EVs but who are inter­est­ed in gain­ing bet­ter gas mileage and low­er­ing that cost, here are five ways of reach­ing that goal. (You can also view Lar­ry Gamache of Car­fax talk about those five fuel-sav­ing tips here.)

Tip num­ber 1: Reduce Drag
Did you know that aero­dy­nam­ic drag from things like a roof rack or car­go car­ri­er robs you of 5% of your gas mileage when you’re at high­way speed?

Tip num­ber 2: Main­tain Prop­er Tire Pres­sure
Under­in­flat­ed tires aren’t just dan­ger­ous they devour fuel econ­o­my by 25%.

Num­ber 3: Run Clean
A car in poor run­ning con­di­tion uses more gas than a tuned up car. A dirty air fil­ter can reduce gas mileage by up to 20%, and dirty spark plugs can lose up to 12%.

Tip num­ber 4: Light­en Up Your Load
For every 100 pounds of junk in your trunk, you’re wast­ing 1.5% of your gas mileage.

Tip Num­ber 5: Dri­ve Smarter
Accel­er­at­ing quick­ly, brak­ing hard and shift­ing lanes fre­quent­ly eats up gas. Being a lit­tle more sen­si­ble can save you 33% on the high­way and 5% around town.

So lose the rack, keep up the main­te­nance, get the junk out­ta your trunk, and dri­ve smarter to save big at the pump.



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