Dealers Have Enough Inventory and Are Looking for Bargains

Anil Goy­al
VP of Auto­mo­tive Val­u­a­tion and Ana­lyt­ics
Black Book

Cars and trucks had a sta­ble peri­od last week, through there were signs of buy­er resis­tance increas­ing; more no-sales are being report­ed across the coun­try. Car seg­ments were rel­a­tive­ly unchanged from the pre­vi­ous week and trucks saw slight­ly bet­ter results, up at +0.31% over the pre­vi­ous week. Strong car seg­ments were Com­pact Cars (+0.17%), Full-Size Cars (+0.14%), Entry Mid-Size Cars (+0.12%). Two Truck seg­ments did espe­cial­ly well: Com­pact SUVs (+1.17%) and Mid-Size SUVs (+0.65%).

Small Cars Appear to Be Sell­ing Bet­ter than in Past Weeks:
Good sup­ply should help prices slow­ly decline through the rest of the year.

SUV and Pick­up Seg­ments Had Broad Strength in the Truck Mar­ket:
Fuel price decline expect­ed to con­tin­ue, which could help truck price strength.

Deal­ers Say they Have Enough Inven­to­ry and Are Look­ing for Bar­gains Now:
Sev­er­al buy­ers cau­tious about how much they’re will­ing to pay for inven­to­ry replace­ment.



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