Cars Expected to Depreciate Faster than Trucks for Rest of Year

Anil Goy­al
VP of Auto­mo­tive Val­u­a­tion and Ana­lyt­ics
Black Book

Black Book sees most car seg­ments con­tin­u­ing at a more accel­er­at­ed depre­ci­a­tion rate than truck seg­ments; that trend is like­ly con­tin­ue through the rest of the year. Depre­ci­a­tion has remained con­stant for cars and trucks in the past few months, with cars see­ing larg­er price declines than trucks in most seg­ments. Lux­u­ry, Near-Lux­u­ry, and Pres­tige Lux­u­ry cars con­tin­ue have much lighter val­ue dep­re­ca­tion than most oth­er car seg­ments.

Learn more about spe­cial­ty mar­ket trends in this week’s report

Used Car Val­ues Decreased by 0.60% — Largest Rate Since 3rd Week of June:
Com­pact Cars saw large val­ue depre­ci­a­tion in past week – down 1.27%.

Trucks Down 0.35% — High­er than Last Week but Low­er than Two Weeks Ago:
Com­pact Pick­ups and Full-Size CUVs saw largest dol­lar adjust­ments in past week.

Pow­er­sports Vehi­cles and Heavy Duty Trucks See Depre­ci­a­tion Increase:
Col­lectible car mar­ket con­tin­ues to be strong, with auc­tions fea­tur­ing all types of vehi­cles.



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