Top 5 Tips to Successfully Sell Accident Vehicles

Esti­mates are that about 20% of vehi­cles in use today have been involved in an acci­dent. While it’s true that acci­dent his­to­ry is the top con­cern peo­ple have when shop­ping for a used car, sel­dom is it a deal break­er for them. Even so, less than 5% of vehi­cles with acci­dents get sold by deal­ers. This sug­gests that many deal­ers still avoid putting acci­dent vehi­cles on their lot for retail, per­haps feel­ing those units will be tough sells or may impact the dealer’s rep­u­ta­tion.

DJ Sher­wood, part­ner devel­op­ment man­ag­er at Car­fax, doesn’t want pre­vi­ous acci­dents to scare you away from adding great cars to your inven­to­ry. Instead, take steps to alle­vi­ate any expect­ed con­cerns your cus­tomers may have and make a smoother tran­si­tion to the deal table. and out­lined below, DJ shares the Top 5 tips from Car­fax for sell­ing cars that have been in an acci­dent.

• Dis­close the acci­dent first. A used car shop­per knows they can’t get per­fec­tion, but they are look­ing to make the most informed deci­sion pos­si­ble. Show them you’re on their side by dis­clos­ing the acci­dent up front.
• Show shop­pers the Addi­tion­al His­to­ry sec­tion of the Car­fax Report. If the vehi­cle has no report­ed struc­tur­al dam­age, airbag deploy­ment or total loss report­ed, the acci­dent may have been minor.
• Use the date of the acci­dent and own­er­ship his­to­ry to your advan­tage. A recent acci­dent is of greater con­cern than an acci­dent that occurred sev­er­al years ago.
• Use key­words in the Detailed His­to­ry sec­tion to indi­cate where the dam­age occurred and the sever­i­ty of the acci­dent itself. Point out the area(s) on the car that were dam­aged to let buy­ers do their own visu­al inspec­tion.
• Use the ‘Car­fax for Deal­ers’ mobile app any­time you take in a car at trade or auc­tion. You’ll know the report­ed his­to­ry before you buy, and you’ll be able to adjust your trade offers and auc­tion bids to match each car’s unique his­to­ry.

Bonus tip: Post your inven­to­ry on Car­fax Used Car List­ings. You’ll know those cus­tomers con­tact­ing you from have already seen and eval­u­at­ed the report­ed his­to­ry, and like­ly are ready to buy from you.

Don’t let an acci­dent keep your shop­pers from get­ting a great car at a fair price. Fol­low these tips to sell acci­dent vehi­cles with con­fi­dence.



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