Cuts & Guts: Business Publishers Going South as Bloomberg Follows WSJ, & AOL Move Away from Print–Scramble to Digital Platform. Auto Next?

The Current SITUATION in Magazine Publishing:

• BusinessWeek faces ‘Deep Change”,New Leadership
• Moves toward relaunch & internal restructuring in Q2 2017
• BW not integrated enough into rest of editorial operations
• BW’s business model has not evolved as quickly as the market.

The SIGNIFICANCE: What does all this mean?

• Auto Trade pubs cannot not be far behind with such changes
• Dealers and auto executives are getting industry news online
• Social Media platform are becoming the “New Media” in auto pubs

Where you can get more backstory & insight into the future of auto publishing:

Meet the Author of the linked summary article:
Becky Peterson is Folio:’s associate editor. Find her on Twitter at @beckpeterson. 



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